Yes! I am registering for the upcoming Five Buddhist Precepts Program *
Yes! I am registering for the upcoming Five Buddhist Precepts Program

The Five Buddhist Precepts
(16 weeks)
Sept. 8 - Dec. 22, 2019
or Jan. 5 - Apr. 19, 2020

The Five Buddhist Precepts are:

  • To respect and protect all life

  • To respect and protect the property of others

  • To respect and protect sexual boundaries

  • To respect and protect the truth

  • To respect and protect one’s mind and body

To accept the gift of the precepts is to formally take the first step towards joining and participating in the Buddhist community. Preceptors will study and discuss these precepts in a group setting under the guidance of a teacher. Participants are encouraged to have taken the Intro to Meditation Course prior to the start of the Preceptor program.

All students are expected to arrive at the temple at 8:30 am each Sunday to assist in cleaning, set-up, and do prostrations and meditation before service and to attend ALL preceptor meetings after Sunday service. Students are also expected to complete all assigned prostrations and meditations, and to purchase a personal journal to be turned in each week upon arrival at the temple. Also to be purchased prior to the first meeting: two copies of the Dhammapada, one by Eswaran, the other by Narada. Preceptors may wish to purchase a set of gray robes to arrive prior to the Precept’s Ceremony.

The cost for this program is $75.oo due at the first meeting. If you have a financial hardship, please speak with one of the clergy members.

Former precept students may also re-take the precept program at any time to deepen their practice and commitments. Former and current preceptors may be called on to perform various duties for the temple including being a greeter during services, lighting the incense and candles, setting up the dharma hall, serving on the board of directors, etc.